Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hobart Street Eats

I've recently been to a few Hobart eateries that I've really enjoyed, not restaurants as such but much less formal without compromising on taste. 

I like to drop by on the way home from work or before a movie or social gathering and feel like I've found the perfect balance between going out for dinner and still having my evening left to do what I please.

Starting at The Standard.

Nestled down Hudsons Lane off Liverpool Street are the hottest street burgers in town. 

The brilliant minds that brought us Pilgrim Coffee (a taste of Melbourne culture in our very own city) have ventured into the big wide world of street food with truly special results.

They started with a really simple range of burgers and extras but now offer specials too.

I opted for the very photogenic Cowboy - yee-haa!

And fries, naturally.

Being a chip girl I would have liked to have seen chunky chips on offer too but that's definitely not a complaint - these fries were so good I had to stop myself licking the paper bag.

The Standard is so much more than it's name suggests, it's hip (I can say hip without sounding too un-hip, right?) fresh and down right yum.

It's got a really nice vibe (helped by the very nice staff) and check out the roof, I love this picture!

We followed our visit up with Guardians of the Galaxy at the movies which was so worth the price of a cheap Tuesday ticket.

Crumb Street had been recommended to me via some very reliable foodie sources. When I didn't get to try them out at Huon Valley Winter Feast I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and chow down.

Such an awesome little space, although I was slightly chilly (I guess that comes with winter, hey?)

We opted for the Tourist - a special concoction of all things meaty plus two sides and bread.

The meat was as good as I expected and better. Tender well spiced and the perfect addition to the thick bread. My favorite was the lamb and I'm not a massive lamb fan so you know it must be good!

Has anyone tried the pulled pork burger? I would love to know what I'm missing out on!
That might be my Friday night!

Finally, dessert at White Cow.

Frozen yoghurt or 'fro-yo' if I may be so bold, is the coolest thing since Cold Rock. 

We checked out White Cow last week and I've been back since. Usually I would feel guilty about that admission but it's yoghurt therefore I can eat as much as I want, that's how it works isn't it?

There is something about a colorful lolly smorgasbord that brings out the child in me, therefore mine end up looking like a bit of an explosion but tasting amazing.
D was a little but more refined and his looked tasteful. Can you tell which one is which?!

White Cow is pretty cool, I especially like how they charge by weigh, it might stop a more rational person from putting so many toppings on. 
I've heard Vita: Nature + Culture is less mainstream and I like supporting the locals in Hobart so I will check it out this weekend and report back, pronto.

Have you been anywhere awesome to eat recently?
I'm planning a proper restaurant review soon but until then street eats are my pick for the chilly evenings, anything that means I can be wrapped up in bed before nine shamelessly bulk watching TV shows works for me!

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