Thursday, 3 July 2014

Margate Train

Margate Train
Weekend mornings mean special breakfast to me and special breakfast means pancakes! When in Hobart for me there is non better than at the Margate Train.
For those who don't know Margate Train is Hobart's last passenger train The Tasman Limited and these days it stands just before the small town of Margate about 20 kilometres South of Hobart. It's carriages are re purposed into compact shops, including a book shop, sweet shop, and a deli.  It's cute, fun and has stacks of character.

The front of the train is for kids (big and small!) to play on and I generally take full advantage of this however it was a bit rainy when we visited so I opted for a little bit of retail therapy at White Doily Lane - you can check them out here.

My main reason for attending is the Pancake Train located in the original dining cart.

Inside one end of the pancake train there are wooden long tables and small two people tables but if I were you I'd ring ahead, book and secure a first class spot, the comfy seats and  booth style seating are most definitely worth the phone call!  You can find their website with contact details here.

Let's talk about the pancakes, check 'em out!

Seriously fluffy, seriously syrupy and seriously delicious. You can choose from a delicious menu of sweet and savoury pancakes as well as equally yummy things for the anti-pancake people out there (I know, anti-pancake is most definitely an oxymoron in my book). They also offer gluten free, dairy free and egg free options which is pretty cool - however I haven't had a review of these. This surely means I need to return in the name of research?!

The staff are great, friendly and professional even when the train gets super busy (which is does!) and it's really reasonable on the old wallet if you're not prepared to spend a fortune. 
If there isn't any seating inside grab a spot on a very cheery bench on the grass and enjoy your food there.There are also a couple of non pancake food stalls around the site so even the fussiest of eaters will be pleased! 

Margate train is a great little stop of on the way to the ferry terminal at Kettering and a great spot to take tourists, family and friends for something a little quirky and special. 
And if you need any more persuasion to take a trip to Margate just look at these pancakes again, they are ready for their close up!  

Anyone got any other suggestions for pancakes around Hobart? I've heard Mount Elephant Pancakes is pretty special but it's a bit too far for me to travel, actually, pancakes might just be worth it!
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  1. As an anti pancaker myself I think this place may just be enough to bring me back from the dark side