Monday, 15 December 2014

Capital, Smolt & The Mt Nelson Signal Station Brasserie

Hey everyone! Feels like a while since I posted but that's because I've been eating my way around Hobart (as usual!)
Let me tell you where I've been!
First up a newbie on the North Hobart scene. Capital.
It's located in the same building where Marti Zucco's used to be but inside it's totally different.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Raincheck Lounge, Jack Greene and Straight Up Coffee + Food

I've been to two of my favourite spots in Hobart over the past couple of weeks and would love you to hear about them.
The first one is Raincheck Lounge.
Me and Miss H stopped in for a girly dinner and over ordered, as usual.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Pig and A Pony

This post is a little bit later than I anticipated. Mainly because I've been so busy this week!
I've been to so many places I want to tell you about so let's get started shall we?

Last weekend I tried one of the new talks of the town, Room For A Pony.
We went on a Saturday morning and it was super busy, there was a queue!
Everything about this joint is super cool.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A Trip Down The Huon

This weekend a trip down the Huon was on the cards as I was keen to share with you somewhere away from wee H-Town.
Although I love being around Hobart it's nice to stray if food is good enough. And it is.

We started off with breakfast at my favourite little spot in Huonville, DS Coffee House & Internet Lounge.

Such a retro spot.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Elizabeth St Food + Wine and Farm Gate Market

Elizabeth St Food + Wine has been on the lips of so many of my friends recently. People enjoying the food as well as the environment and it was one of those zillion places I mentioned last time.
It's one that I'm kicking myself for not visiting before.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

High Tea at Hadley's & Brunch at The Picnic Basket

Yet again an action and food filled weekend, so enjoyable! 

Saturday afternoon was High Tea at Hadley's for Miss W's bridal shower.
It's been too long since afternoon tea was enjoyed and Hadley's is one of my favourite spots in Hobart to enjoy the luxury of a long, delicious tea.
I have to admit that Hadley's isn't at the top of my list based on the venue, I'm quite partial to Point Revolving Restaurant at Wrest Point but one thing Hadley's does have going for it is the food.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A New Market, A Sweet Hot Dog and A Good Old Cuppa Tea

I've been here there and everywhere this past week! And all of these spots are brand, spanking new to me.
First off somewhere that is new to all, The Hobart Twilight Market.
I really love food markets, I lived in Malaysia for a while and in the city they have food markets everywhere. A bunch of us would go on a Friday evening, drink cold tiger beer and eat from anywhere we fancied. I loved that it was so social and so laid back; drinking, eating and enjoying life.
It's just fantastic to welcome a new market to Hobart, this one isn't specifically food they also have many more wonderful stalls for your browsing pleasure.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

South Hobart Favourites

As you know if you read my last post I've been house sitting in South Hobart and whilst there I decided to take advantage of my new surroundings.
My first South Hobart (does anyone legitimately call it So-Ho?) favourite is Cascade Gardens/So-Ho Rivulet Walk. 

Monday, 29 September 2014

Meal deal at Preachers and a morning at Machine.

My friend S told me about a deal at Preachers and I was immediately ready to try it, $15 for a burger and a beverage every Thursday!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Weekend Markets & New Foodie Favourites

A couple of new places have popped up in the city over the past couple of weeks and I made my way to have a nosy!
First off I had heard that Pigeon Whole Bakery (who supply Pigeon Hole in West Hobart) had moved to a bigger space in town, they do the best sourdough and so I was eager to see what was new. Turns out they are operating out of a hole in the window on Argyle Street.
I picked up a sourdough doughnut with a lemon curd type filling and it was as delicious as expected. I could have gone a sweeter filling choice with the savory dough but I have the worlds biggest sweet tooth and maybe they will add more flavours in the future.

The lovely lady did inform me that there will soon follow an eatery next door, and if these little treats and Pigeon Hole are anything to go by I for one can't wait!
Find the details for Pigeon Whole Bakers here and Pigeon Hole Cafe here.

Then, I was heading to Vita when I was shocked to see that Providore had opened it's doors, I'd heard about it in the paper and from the folks at Vita but thought it would have taken longer - so, so glad it didn't! 
Inside their shelves are filled with homemade goodies, made at Ethos.
It's all very Scandinavian. Open spaces filled with light and tall shelves filled with delicious food and beverages.
And then they have this spectacular salad bar, it works in the same way as Vita - take a plate or a box, fill it up, weight it and pay. 
Their salad range was pretty special and tasted fantastic, I wasn't sure id be a fan of raw cauliflower but turns out it's pretty nice! 
Anyway, you know me, I eat the salad so I can have dessert and when I saw that they had Cronuts, my face lit up. The Cronut is almost an urban legend in Hobart.
An American invention of using croissant pastry, frying it and adding toppings like a doughnut. Totally, ridiculously unhealthy but seriously, stupidly good. Buy one. Probs share it to avoid inevitable sugar high/come down.
Their other desserts looked pretty sweet too.
Find the info for Providore at the bottom of this post! 
Such awesome additions to our already fantastic city.

Recently I've also been really enjoying markets, Re-Loved featured last week.
I like a casual wander around a bustling space, I like the atmosphere and I love the treasures that I find. It's something nice to get me out of the house on a Saturday morning if I don't have anything else planned.
Hobart has a pretty special range from Salamanca to Shabby and I headed to a couple of local ones and thought I would share them with you.
Firstly, Lazy-May. They hold markets frequently and change the location which I like because it gives me chance to explore new areas (and by 'areas' I mean coffee shops, and by 'explore' I mean eat things).

It's made up of Tasmanian crafters, bakers and candle makers and offers a really good choice of handmade gifts and home wares.
The organisers obviously really try to make these events super special with local, live music and it's really nice to see events held for our local talents to display and sell their products.
I was disappointed to see it wasn't that busy for them when we went (it was on a rainy Saturday) and I really encourage you to head down and support our local businesses!
The next one is beach front on November 2nd in Sandy Bay, should be lovely on a (hopefully) sunny Sunday afternoon! Such a great place to buy gifts too! Find all of their info here and their Facebook page here.

This weekend was another market, The Shabby Market. Alike Lazy-May they move locations and apparently have a summer market at Margate Train (pancakes+market = my perfect Saturday).
I loved Shabby, their range of stalls was really great, it was sufficiently busy to have a fantastic atmosphere and the organsiers had gone to heaps of effort to make it look the part.
I really enjoyed K-Rex Collection.

And Artique (I couldn't find their info I'm sorry!)

Along with heaps more handmade delights it made for a very satisfying Saturday! And if you have children they had heaps of stuff for the little ones, I don't have children but found myself contemplating the purchase of a bib!

I was sold with this one, any of my friends that are reading this, I'm taking you along next time as I went alone and missed out on afternoon tea from Luscious Lil Cupcakes.

I also somehow managed to miss Honey Child & Sweet MacQueen and I've been dying to try them!! They have a van that moves around selling food, follow them on Facebook here and see if they pop up near you! 
Has anyone tried them? I'd love to hear what you think!
I can't find a date for the next Shabby Market but will pop it in the comments box and on my Facebook when I do! You can also follow them here and be at the front of the queue!

Did you get to anywhere good this weekend?
Share if you did, I'm always on the look out for places to fill my days, especially with this beautiful weather!

Providore on Urbanspoon

Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Winston and Re-Loved Market

Ive been dying to blog about The Winston for ages - mostly because I've loved it for such a long time and I think you will too!

Before we go any further I consider myself to be a reasonably healthy person but I realise that on this blog I write about food that isn't necessarily healthy. I love, love, love food but I do know that eating burgers, frozen yoghurt and brownkies all day everyday would have negative effects on my mind and body.
I will never ever starve myself to look a certain way but eating a fresh, healthy diet is really important to my physical and mental health. This doesn't mean eating salad 24/7 it means balancing out the burgers with the broccoli.

Any way I reckon this is for another post - today, lets talk about my Saturday night!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Weekend Wanderings

I seem to always have a million places on my list to visit in Hobart so I decided to check out a couple last weekend. As well as two new places I started at an old favourite, Salamanca Market.

I'm pretty sure most of you would have been to Salamanca Market at least once and so have I.  Usually like most Hobart locals I avoid the market because there is no parking and everything is overpriced but last Saturday I found myself with a spare hour in town and decided to spend in at Salamanca and I was glad I did.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Vita: Nature + Culture & Giveaway!

As I mentioned in my Hobart Street Eats post I was pretty enthused about trying Vita: Nature + Culture so, we headed there on Sunday and I'm a convert.

Vita makes me feel happy inside AND out. 
I'm not a total saint when it comes to being 'green' but I like to recycle and buy locally where possible and it's really refreshing to see a company that adopts the same mantras in food and business practices.

The space is fresh, clean and Scandinavian. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hobart Street Eats

I've recently been to a few Hobart eateries that I've really enjoyed, not restaurants as such but much less formal without compromising on taste. 

I like to drop by on the way home from work or before a movie or social gathering and feel like I've found the perfect balance between going out for dinner and still having my evening left to do what I please.

Starting at The Standard.

Nestled down Hudsons Lane off Liverpool Street are the hottest street burgers in town. 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Jam & Bread and Conningham Beach

The last few days of last week in Hobart were soggy to say the least, I just love the glorious sunny winter days we get but they seemed a thing of the past. Finally on Sunday there was a glimpse of sunshine a welcome change and something I was determined to take full advantage of. 

We started as most of my happy days start, with eggs and coffee.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Sweet Envy & The Female Factory

This weekend I had a girl date with my friend S.
We both really enjoy the simple things in life like coffee and cake, so we chose to start our Saturday afternoon at Sweet Envy (info here).
Located on Elizabeth Street in North Hobart the outside looks plain and neat but inside is a hidden treasure trove of amazing, colourful, wonderful sweet treats!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Huon Valley Mid Winter Festival

Tasmania otherwise known as the Apple Isle has a rich apple growing heritage and this year it was celebrated like no other with the first of what hopefully will become an annual event, the Huon Valley Mid Winter Festival. 

The festival combined the tradition of wassailing (an act of drinking and singing to the health of the apple trees with the hope they might thrive and produce a bumper apple harvest) and the local food and beverage vendors in a weekend of eating, drinking, singing, dancing and general merriment! 

On the approach it looked like a great big party in a field. Exactly what I was hoping for!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Margate Train

Margate Train
Weekend mornings mean special breakfast to me and special breakfast means pancakes! When in Hobart for me there is non better than at the Margate Train.
For those who don't know Margate Train is Hobart's last passenger train The Tasman Limited and these days it stands just before the small town of Margate about 20 kilometres South of Hobart. It's carriages are re purposed into compact shops, including a book shop, sweet shop, and a deli.  It's cute, fun and has stacks of character.

Saturday, 21 June 2014


Hobart Life Everybody who knows me, knows I love to bake. It's my thing. I like the pleasure of handing out tasty morsels to my friends and family and hearing the sounds of delight. And I like to try to create new inventions that will inevitably change the world. (OK, maybe not the whole world, but my world at least!) Introducing the brownie-cookie or cookie-brownie, hey why not brownkie?!
These, my friends have changed my world. And I'm pretty damn sure they will change yours too if you whip a batch up!

For 12 brownkies you will need:

150g Dark Chocolate 

20g Plain Flour
1/8th Teaspoon Baking Powder 
75g Caster Sugar 
20g Butter (either salted or unsalted)
1 Egg

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Botanic Burgers

Hobart Life
Today we started at The Royal Tasmanian Botanic Gardens - I've always been a fan of a lazy stroll on a crisp clear day and the botanic gardens is the perfect place to do this.