Monday, 1 December 2014

Raincheck Lounge, Jack Greene and Straight Up Coffee + Food

I've been to two of my favourite spots in Hobart over the past couple of weeks and would love you to hear about them.
The first one is Raincheck Lounge.
Me and Miss H stopped in for a girly dinner and over ordered, as usual.

Ham hock croquet's with pea puree and gorgonzola and porcini arancini with some of the most delicious mayo ever. I literally could have eaten 10 of these.
But I saved myself for mains.
Pumpkin and pine nut gnocchi.

Salt and Pepper calamari.
Rocket, Parmesan and Pine nut salad and fries with wasabi mayo.
The gnocchi was stand out for me. I'm pretty sure I could eat it again and again and love it more and more each time.
What I like about Raincheck is how casual and relaxed it is. Just a simple table filled to the brim with delicious food, chilled wine and best friends. So simple but so important and special.
They also do a chefs table which changes weekly (keep up to date with this on their fb page). I've never had it because honestly, I've never seen one in which I like all of the courses but when I do see it I'll most definitely oblige. It's usually $65-$75 for two people so it works at decent value.
I can't recommend Rain check enough - I've never been disappointed on leaving and really enjoy the social aspect that tapas offers.

Next up a new place I have mentioned wanting to try Straight up coffee +food

A new addition to Liverpool Street.
Straight Up is a 'healthy' cafe with a fully vegetarian and gluten free menu.They offer plenty of vegan options too. Vegan, gluten free and meat free. It's not exactly what I'd usually go for but it's perfect for my friend E. And that's great, it's nice to see more options for the diet restricted.
Inside its old skool, cool.
The menu is not over fussy and they have a cabinet full of healthy treats and freshly baked GF breads. Yum.

I went for the cornbread with scrambled eggs, avocado salsa and halomi.
It was really good - I love eggs and avo and the halomi offered a salty kick to the warm, thick bread.

T had a sweet tooth and went for the smashed banana on toast with popped amaranth, activated buckwheat, pear, agave and soy ricotta. 

It looked pretty awesome and she enjoyed it with but one slight complaint, the bread was slightly too hard in contrast to the soft banana. Minor details but I enjoyed mine enough for both of us.
I definitely recommend Straight Up if like me, you have friends with dietary requirements.
It's nice to have somewhere where we can all have delicious, nourishing food.
Feeling extremely healthy and happy I decided I was in need of a burger to balance it out!
So, me and D popped into Jack Greene
I've been a fan of Jack since they opened and this isn't my first time here. But I thought I'd share it with you on this occasion.
Jacks got it going on! Inside it feels like you've been whisked away to an old, charming hunting lodge.
It's beautifully themed. 
The cuisine is what you'd expect at any good hunting lodge. Hunks of meat - on bread.
D opted for the regular cheese burger (why mess with perfection?!).
And I went for the beef and bacon (bacon makes everything better).
We split chunky chips and garlic aioli. 
Everything was delicious, as always.
I know that it isn't especially difficult to make a burger taste good, but JG isn't just about the burgers. I keep going back because it's always good a great atmosphere, live music and it makes me feel great about my city. Hobart is full of hidden treasure and JG is a treasure. It's just not hidden. 
I also spotted the have a sundae menu too now. I will definitely be trying that next time because it might not be about the burgers but it's most definitely about the dessert! 

Do you have any restaurants you keep going back to? Or have any new places captured your heart? I still have so many on my list. I'll get there eventually....
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