Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Winston and Re-Loved Market

Ive been dying to blog about The Winston for ages - mostly because I've loved it for such a long time and I think you will too!

Before we go any further I consider myself to be a reasonably healthy person but I realise that on this blog I write about food that isn't necessarily healthy. I love, love, love food but I do know that eating burgers, frozen yoghurt and brownkies all day everyday would have negative effects on my mind and body.
I will never ever starve myself to look a certain way but eating a fresh, healthy diet is really important to my physical and mental health. This doesn't mean eating salad 24/7 it means balancing out the burgers with the broccoli.

Any way I reckon this is for another post - today, lets talk about my Saturday night!

The Winston in North Hobart is Hobart's answer to American dining and it's just as over indulgent as you would expect! It's a favourite of ours along with some of our friends R&R.
The food is not in the least bit healthy but it is extremely tasty, y'all.
I had the pulled pork sandwich, the tender pork is balanced with the sweet bbq sauce along with the delicious soft white bun, crunchy salty fries and creamy coleslaw. It's my all time favourite at The Winston.

My friends had some of the other menu items.
The new Philly Cheesesteak.

The Taquitos (with particularly salty pulled pork).

And (on a over indulgent whim and totally in the name of research) The Luther Burger.

The delicious menu complements the setting, it's like being in a laid back tavern in the US of A - overeating, over drinking and laughing until are bellies were sore (or someone falls backwards of the bench!).
After a boozy Saturday night and an alfresco Sunday brunch, I felt like a little retail therapy.

Re-Loved (click for info!) is a clothes market where ladies (and the occasional gent) sell their once loved clothes to other ladies (like me!) for very reasonable prices!
It's my dream.  Friendly faces, enough clothes to keep all the ladies in Hobart happy and I can pay with gold coins!
I'm pretty sure all girls have clothes that they love but don't wear and Re-Loved is the perfect place to sell them (to make money for more clothes!) with stalls starting at just $10.

They operate on the first Sunday of every month and if you're looking for a bargain this is where I look! It's like the perfect mix between op shop and actual clothes shopping, the right clothes for the right price.
The next market isn't for a little while - Sunday 5th October, but it is well worth the wait and will give you a chance to save your pennies! Trust me, Re-Loved will soon become your first Sunday of the month tradition! 

Any other markets you know about in Hobart? I'm extremely excited about The Hobart Twilight Market, coming soon!
In the meantime happy bargain hunting, ladies!

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