Sunday, 31 August 2014

Weekend Wanderings

I seem to always have a million places on my list to visit in Hobart so I decided to check out a couple last weekend. As well as two new places I started at an old favourite, Salamanca Market.

I'm pretty sure most of you would have been to Salamanca Market at least once and so have I.  Usually like most Hobart locals I avoid the market because there is no parking and everything is overpriced but last Saturday I found myself with a spare hour in town and decided to spend in at Salamanca and I was glad I did.

There is a huge and eclectic range of stalls selling everything from clothes to cucumbers. 

I was impressed to see just how many stalls and products were proudly displaying 'made in Tasmania' and I was proud of our little state and it's many clever residents.
If you fancy a bite to eat the choice is endless, I'm particularly partial to the tempura mushrooms (I first had them at Taste of Tasmania and just can't get enough) washed down with a cool ginger beer from Gillespie's. But this time opted for a fresh apple as I was planning to indulge later in the day.

 When you need a break from the spending there are local buskers ready to entertain and coffee on practically every corner.

If you haven't been down to Salamanca recently, go! Or if you're visiting Hobart put it at the top of your list. I really enjoyed spending an hour or so browsing especially in the sunshine. Salamanca Market has beautiful character along with a happy, fun vibe that makes it feel almost like a festival. You can get all of the info from their Facebook page here.

Having worked up a thirst I decided to duck into Dickens Cider.
Dickens is a Tasmanian cider brewing company located in the Tamar Valley, they tried their hand at a ciderhouse in Launceston which went down a treat and now they have done the same thing down South.
I'm a cider drinker (along with wine, cocktails and the odd gin and tonic) and so when I heard of the expansion I was positively bubbling (and fizzing) to try it.

 I wasn't sure of what to expect of a ciderhouse but I was pleasantly surprised with the interior.
Really well themed decor with stacks of cider related furnishings. And you can't deny they have an awesome range of ciders - I opted for the rose which I'd tried at the Huon Valley Mid Winter Feast
Food wise they have oysters and cheese plates which I didn't try although they looked pretty delicious, personally I would have liked to see something more rustic to suit the setting like ploughman's lunches. I do know that you can take your own food so I would definitely take advantage of that. I really enjoyed the relaxed setting and delicious range of ciders so next time I will grab some takeaway food, play a board game with some friends and sip on a cool cider. If you're a cider fan make sure you give it a try.

Finally, some of you may have seen my picture on Facebook of a rather amazing looking doughnut.
If you didn't here it is.  
 It was from my new favorite little place called Small Fry and I've been fantasising about their donuts for at least a month.
They operate out of a small window and pretty tiny shop on Bathurst Street. 

The place may be small my friends but those doughnuts are a massive hit! 

I was desperate to try Turkish Delight flavour but they had sold out. So I (forced myself) to try the Finger Bun and Lemon Meringue Pie (above). 

I loved them.
I want more right now actually. 
If Small Fry keep this up I will be having doughnuts on a weekly basis, not to mention their other menu items. I'm desperate to try all of it! Don't worry, I'll let you know about it as soon as I do! You can find their details here and let me know if you've tried them, especially that Turkish Delight flavour doughnut! 

Any new places that you have been to recently? I'd love to hear your favourite spots for sweet treats in Hobart!


  1. Nice post yet again! It got me a bit hungry for desert even though I've only just had a late lunch :P I will definitely be trying out small-fry. The awsome thing about your blogging is that you go to places that most people haven't heard of! And it's like a big, brand new door is opening on Hobart and what is on offer to do and eat around this little, rad city.

  2. Those doughnuts were so good! If you go get me a turkish delight one? xxxx