Thursday, 7 August 2014

Jam & Bread and Conningham Beach

The last few days of last week in Hobart were soggy to say the least, I just love the glorious sunny winter days we get but they seemed a thing of the past. Finally on Sunday there was a glimpse of sunshine a welcome change and something I was determined to take full advantage of. 

We started as most of my happy days start, with eggs and coffee.

Jam and Bread is a quaint tea shop on Margate's Main Street (yes, the same Margate as
My Margate train post!) and it seriously cute!

It makes me feel like I'm back in England again - ambling around the countryside looking for cake and tea. On this occasion however coffee and eggs were what I had in mind and I wasn't disappointed.

Jam and Bread alike Sweet Envy (blog post here) is one of those places I just really like to be it's a re purposed house and this makes it cozy without being stuffy. It has a comfort that I a liken to home which I appreciate, especially in winter.

In my opinion the food was great, my breakfast tart was really good and it was a fair price too!
I love value for money. It's almost as important as good dessert - almost....

The cakes are good old classics replicated to perfection and they really suit the setting.

I really enjoyed my breakfast but as with their cakes and their (fantastic) afternoon teas,  I would have liked more British inspiration with brekkie! I definitely could have handled a full English!

A share in T's rhubarb tart did wonders to forget about that though!

With my cake to take away (I couldn't miss out on cake!) we headed off in an attempt to walk off our indulgent breakfast. 

Conningham beach was our destination and when we landed here I was already overwhelmed by Tasmania's raw beauty.

And it doesn't end there! If you head to the right of the beach (towards the toilets) you come to a join in the Conningham Clifftop track.
I say a join because according to Kingborough Council the track starts and ends somewhere different to my walk - take a look here if you fancy a longer walk and I'll check it out next time!

It's fifteen minute walk to Legacy Beach and the views on the way are simply stunning.

It's by no means a difficult walk but I would suggest sensible shoes. 

You will arrive at Legacy Beach and if you're anything like me you will be amazed that somewhere like this is practically empty, it's secluded and entirely beautiful.

Doesn't our mountain look particularly spectacular with a dusting of snow?  

I got a little bit snap happy around about this time as I was trying to capture the incredible scenery and had a moment of contemplation - I came to the conclusion that you simply can't capture something as beautiful as this view, you have to go and see it with your own eyes, you have to breath in the salty air and throw stones into the clear water.  

After a while I dragged myself out of contemplation and deep thought and had some fun!
We grabbed some sticks and did a few drawings and wrote a few messages in the sand - I even had time for a little bit of blog advertising!

Any walks around Hobart that you love?

I'm also looking for mountain bike tracks if anybody has any good ones they know of?
It was my birthday this week and I need to try out my new wheels!

I'm having a party tonight and I might just tell you the details sometime!

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  1. My all-time favourite walk is the Snug Falls walk - lovely scenery AND you get to see a waterfall at the end! Plus easy enough for all fitness levels :)
    There are lots of great walks on Mount Wellington too; starting from Fern Tree, The Springs or the summit depending on what you like. Mount Field is great (although a bit of a drive) if you want something a bit more challenging - the walks that start from Dove Lake have particularly stunning scenery.
    Aaaaand if you like deserted beaches try South Arm - there are some amazing beaches out between Clifton Beach and Opossum Bay.

  2. Ohh thanks for the tips, Mel!
    Tassie is so beautiful and I'm hoping to see alllll of these place and more!!!