Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Pig and A Pony

This post is a little bit later than I anticipated. Mainly because I've been so busy this week!
I've been to so many places I want to tell you about so let's get started shall we?

Last weekend I tried one of the new talks of the town, Room For A Pony.
We went on a Saturday morning and it was super busy, there was a queue!
Everything about this joint is super cool.

The beautiful staff take orders on i Pads and play music into the court yard where groups of friends drink green smoothies and discuss their antics from the night before.
We discussed the food. The menu is quite small and to the point.
The boys all opted for the meatloaf.
I tried a nibble and it was really good. I've never really fancied meatloaf but this one has turned me over to the dark (meaty) side.
The girls ordered pumpkin rosti, poached eggs and burnt butter hollandaise.
There were a few teething problems with our choice. Me and R ordered the same dish but they were totally different, I'm going to suggest it's due to the fact it was so busy.
I was glad I got mine, despite the fact that it was sans pumpkin.
My eggs were perfect. Check it.
I'd most definitely go back to RFAP but if I was you I'd give them a week or two to iron out the kinks. After that it will remain one of the coolest place in No-Ho.

This week.we trotted (sorry) to The Westend Pumphouse to Pig Out - literally.
Pumphouse is a really well designed space. It's kind of industrial but manages to keep a hint of sophistication. I appreciate how there are spaces that feel intimate but the whole place feels very open.
We took our seats, drank our s-wine (not sorry) and awaited the main event.
The sides arrived. Apple salad.
Roasted new potatoes.
Finally, the one we had been waiting boar (I'm done).
We tucked in. The pork was delicious and the sides were too.
The rolls were toasty and sweet and the crackling was delicious.
The pig is $45 a head (this includes sides) and if it's for a special occasion it's definitely worth it. 
It's something a little bit different and when our pig was delivered the whole place looked on, it offers a little bit of entertainment and with Heston in town it did seem fitting.
I probably wouldn't have it again, it's a sort of a one off thing I guess but, what I would do is return to Pumphouse. The setting is perfect for after work drinks and laid back lunches. 

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend. Has anyone been to beer fest?? 
I've been busy starting my Christmas shopping! Anyone interested in seeing a gift guide? I can't promise it will be anything like Gwyn's but it might give you a few ideas! 

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