Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A Trip Down The Huon

This weekend a trip down the Huon was on the cards as I was keen to share with you somewhere away from wee H-Town.
Although I love being around Hobart it's nice to stray if food is good enough. And it is.

We started off with breakfast at my favourite little spot in Huonville, DS Coffee House & Internet Lounge.

Such a retro spot.

An eclectic mix of kitsch and cozy.

 Lonely Planet sum it up perfectly, 'Hands down Huonville's most interesting cafe, this funky collection of retro furniture feels like your first student flat at university'.
 I'm especially partial to the Mona Lisa corner.
Their menu is simple, traditional cafe classics. Bacon and eggs, sandwiches and their famous burgers. With biscuits, ice cream, scones and cakes just some of the offerings for dessert.
I went for scrambled eggs on toast with mushrooms and tomato chutney.
It was tasty, big and cheap. My kind of breakfast! 

I have but one tiny criticism. It could have been way nicer on sourdough or a thicker bread (this is partly my fault as there was a choice; white, brown or Turkish - would go Turkish next time) but a decent sourdough could have taken this from good to great. I guess then the price would have increased as a result and also maybe I'm just a bit spoilt. 

Pop in to DS if you're down in Huonville. It's charming and not just because of the food it's in the decor and the whole feel of the place. Really homely but also like you're somewhere far away from home! 

Full from breakfast I wandered over to have a nosy into The Cat's Tongue Chocolatiers. I walked right into my version of heaven.

The smell was like I imagine the chocolate factory in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to be like and I felt like a small child.
The cabinets and shelves are filled with chocolates, pastries, pies and everything else to indulge one huge sweet tooth!
You can see into the kitchen where the beautiful food is being prepared

And the artists tend their work in front of your very eyes.

I can't believe I've not been here before!!
Full from breakfast I was very restrained and just ordered 4 chocolates; mint, salted caramel,  hazelnut and a sort of Turkish delight adaptation.

They are quite pricey but they are so damn close to perfection.

The Cats Tongue do a breakfast/lunch menu which also looks entirely fabulous.
AND they open Thursday-Sunday which I reckon more places should do, it makes it so much more accessible to the 9-5ers amongst us!

Whilst down in the Huon why not check out some of the cider outlets. Willie Smiths and Pagan Cider both offer delightful stops with cellar doors. 

And if you make it as far as Cygnet and feel you're tummy rumbling try The Red Velvet Lounge. You'll love it!  

We have a lovely forecast in Hobart for this weekend, do you have anything planned?
I thought I might find somewhere to do some strawberry picking, any ideas?
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  1. I love that even though this blog is called The Hobart Life, you branched out into the greater 'Hobart' area this week, I never got out for eats out of Hobart really so this blog is very very helpful!

  2. Thank you!
    I think it's important to include the greater Hobart areas as they are so easily within our reach and as you can see from Huonville usually you can find a treat or two!