Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Elizabeth St Food + Wine and Farm Gate Market

Elizabeth St Food + Wine has been on the lips of so many of my friends recently. People enjoying the food as well as the environment and it was one of those zillion places I mentioned last time.
It's one that I'm kicking myself for not visiting before.

The open plan dining area, kitchen and shopping space is a real treat especially on a not so lovely Sunday morning. The dining room has a really informal, formality to it. The long tables and red accents add nicely to the casual yet upmarket atmosphere.
Me and T arrived at the not unreasonable 11.30am on Sunday and there was no breakfast menu.
The lunch menu did have sprinklings of breakfast inspiration but I was really hoping for brunch!
They do open from 8am but I didn't check whether there is a specific breakfast menu, does anyone know?
Instead we opted for the buckwheat pikelet with smoked salmon and crispy capers and the ESF+W ham and cheese sourdough toastie, to share.  
I'm not a great fan of capers but this dish was brilliant, the sauce was creamy and a beautiful contrast to the salty, crunchy capers and the soft, airy pikelet. The toastie was just that but it was a decent serve and came with a yummy tomato chutney. 

Afterwards, we browsed the pantry style shelves stacked with Tassie products, whilst pondering dessert.
It's alright to have dessert if you've eaten from the lunch menu, right?
I'd had my eye on the chocolate and creme patisserie Danish and T was all too happy to share!
For me this was the stand out. The pastry was just so right. Buttery, sweet and rich. No picture because it did look like a chocolate sausage roll but who cares when it tastes that good! 
Overall a very pleasant mid morning. I would be happy to go back to ESF+W, definitely if they have a breakfast menu and if not for either a decedent long lunch or coffee and Danish! 

After, we braved the rain and took to Bathurst Street to check out Farm Gate Market and its new stomping ground.  
I'm guessing most of you would have been to/know about Farm Gate. It's a farmers market mainly selling locally grown produce and food products to take home.
More recently they have increased the number of food vendors. It's great if you're looking for something to nibble on your way around or if you fancy pulling up and chair and having a more leisurely food stop! 
 On this occasion full from ESF+W we just grabbed some veggies to take home for our roast dinner. 
 Lady Hester did her best to tempt me however!

Hobart is becoming well known for it's array of markets and food gatherings and if you're visiting our fine city pop Farm Gate on your to do list, it's the most fabulous representation of just some of the delights our Lonely Planet recommended State has to offer.

If you're a local, FG is great for those Sunday breakfasts where you don't have any plans and want to please all of your friends and take something home for afternoon tea....
That's all from me for now.
But just before I go, has anyone tried any of the new restaurants in our city?
I have Franklin, Betsey, Straight Up Coffee + Food, Capital AND Willing Bros Wine Merchants on my ever increasing list!

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  1. Franklin, Betsey and Straight Up are all on my list too! Went to Willing Bros last week and it was great. I'm excited for Frank to open soon too! I love all the brand new, super exciting places that are popping up.

  2. What was the food like at Willing Bros, Jemima? I'm thinking a wine bar tour; Franklin and Willing Bros then recovery breakfast at Straight Up!

    1. I didn't actually have any food there, only wine!! Next time. A wine bar tour is definitely on my list too!

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  4. Hi Jenna! It’s nice to know that you’ve finally got around to visit Elizabeth St., and that you had a farmer’s market around the corner. Shopping for goodies there is a great way to support your local farmers and get some fresh produce at the same time. Anyway, I am looking forward to more of your food adventures. Good day!

    Faith Thomas @ The Berry Farm