Tuesday, 7 October 2014

South Hobart Favourites

As you know if you read my last post I've been house sitting in South Hobart and whilst there I decided to take advantage of my new surroundings.
My first South Hobart (does anyone legitimately call it So-Ho?) favourite is Cascade Gardens/So-Ho Rivulet Walk. 

With the weather getting nicer I'm a massive fan of the humble picnic. I love picking a sunny spot with some friends, eating yummy food and enjoying the outdoors and I found some beautiful spots in Cascade Gardens and along the Rivulet Walk.  
Imagine a Summer's afternoon sitting here with your feet in the stream, bliss.
Or in gardens with the view of the spectacular brewery and all of the mod cons, think BBQ, benches and huge shady trees. There is something for everyone and I simply can't wait for summer to enjoy it.
Just in case you don't know the two are linked by a sort of path and The Female Factory is slap bang in the middle if you fancied a bit of history pre or post picnicing 
Click to find info for either the Rivulet Walk or Cascade Gardens.

Next up, the food. 
I mentioned I'd like to try Ginger Brown and Macquarie Street Foodstore Cafe and managed to get to both of them, on the same day I'm unashamed to say!
Starting with breakfast at the Foodstore. 
From the outside it looks like an Indian shop front.
 But just behind the door it's totally retro. 
The food is a classic breakfast, my cuppa tea. Along with the in-laws I opted for the pikelets (after my pikelet envy at Machine) with bacon and maple syrup and my regular coffee, the coffee was the best I've had for a long time and the food was just as good. 
If I could make one ever so slight criticism there wasn't enough syrup for me (return of the undying sweet tooth) but I guess I could have asked for more. 
I was however, so impressed with the portion size for the price, $8.50 for this delicious combo of salt and sugar. 
I would urge you to go to Foodstore if you're looking for a really decent breakfast with the added sweetness of a good deal, it also has a sort of local feel like the 'Cheers' of the Hobart cafes.

Next up, Ginger Brown.
I have to admit that after breakfast I was very full and so popped into GB to check it out and have afternoon tea.
I had a vegan, (that makes it healthy) beetroot (so healthy) chocolate (slipping...) cake (damn it). It was super moist and a massive slab of deliciousness with my EB tea.
I loved the look and feel of Ginger Brown but I made one crucial mistake. I read the menu. Now I'm visualising the banana french toast or the kimchi pancake. 
I will return to Ginger Brown and eat their food, but now I can do that knowing that I already enjoy the atmosphere,the service, the little Jaffa on my spoon and the knowledge that this is one of Hobart's finest. 

Find Ginger Brown info here. 
So, my final thought on the two is that Ginger Brown is the one when you are looking to treat yourself with food that is splendid but in the higher price bracket whereas Foodstore is the one with food that you could replicate at home but, why not go out for breakfast when it's so reasonable? Bonus, no washing up.

Last but not least, Strickland falls. 

  I love falls, and this one has the extra bonus that it's a stones throw away from the car. It's in a bit of an odd spot and I can't find an awesome map but the directions on the bottom of this page are the best I can find and better than I could do!!
The falls are so beautiful and there is a longer walk that you can do if you feel like working off brekky.
I'm eventually going to return to So-Ho to do the Cascade Brewery tour but in the meantime I want to know what you want to see on my blog? 
I've got a few posts up my sleeve (Hobart Twilight Market and healthy lunch recipes) but please let me know if you'd rather be seeing recipes, restaurant reviews, day trips, markets, events or just a big mix like now! 

Thanks for reading, you lovely people.
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  1. Im enjoying your blog immensely. I must make a trip to hobart soon before my list of places to go gets out of hand!!!

  2. Hi, I enjoyed that a lot. I have lived in Sth Hobart for 15 years and NO ONE calls it Soho! I am glad you enjoyed your stay, I love it to bits.