Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A New Market, A Sweet Hot Dog and A Good Old Cuppa Tea

I've been here there and everywhere this past week! And all of these spots are brand, spanking new to me.
First off somewhere that is new to all, The Hobart Twilight Market.
I really love food markets, I lived in Malaysia for a while and in the city they have food markets everywhere. A bunch of us would go on a Friday evening, drink cold tiger beer and eat from anywhere we fancied. I loved that it was so social and so laid back; drinking, eating and enjoying life.
It's just fantastic to welcome a new market to Hobart, this one isn't specifically food they also have many more wonderful stalls for your browsing pleasure.

I loved this stall, some awesome prints for our place, info here.
But for me it's all about the food! 
There were some familiar faces.
And also some new ones.

The Pulled Pork burger from Spotty Dog Brewers was my first choice (I love pulled pork!) so I grabbed a mini one to nibble on my way around. Delicious, meaty, crunchy and yum. And I love that they do a small servings, it's so my style as it means I can fit heaps of different food in!
 Burger Burger Tas sounded like my kinda deal! They offer no meat which isn't what I'd usually go for but I had the vege burger and it was delicious! I did take a picture but if I'm honest it doesn't do it justice so I will let ya taste it for yourself. I also saw that they do GF, free of charge which is really refreshing and I think more places should offer this.
For dessert I had a macaron from Macarons by Ruby, I'm not a huge fan of the macaron, I find they are a little style over substance and I'm more of a wedge of stodge kinda gal. However, as a baker I have massive amounts of respect for anyone who has the patience and skill to make them.
I had a cookies and cream version which was very tasty and there were so many flavours that all looked perfect. If you're a fan or if you haven't ever tried one do yourself a favour and grab one from Ruby, let me know what flavor you try!
The next market is on this Friday 4-8, not sure about the weather forecast but I predict it's gonna go down a storm! After this Friday there is a market on every other Friday (I guess, forever?) so if you don't make it you have many more opportunities!  Find the info here! 

My next newbie was Brat Time, not quite new news I know but my first trip down the rabbit hole. 
When you get down there it's really cool, modern and has a feel of something special to it. 
We grabbed a dog, dawg. Me and one of my oldest friends J both opted for the Brat Time- it has pulled pork ( I told you I was a fan) with rainbow slaw and rhubarb relish. 
We also got cheesy chips and onion rings on the side. 
My dog choice was sweet and I liked it but go for something different if you don't fancy the sweetness, one awesome thing about Brat Time is there choices are awesome, I sat for at least 10 minutes deciding! And the meat and bun were both tops so I'm sure any additions would be hot, digitty dog (had to be done).
As for the sides, the chips were pretty brilliant but I wasn't a huge fan of the onion rings, that's just me. Check out Brat Time if you can, I'm totally not a hotdog fan but I loved it so don't let it out you off, I would recommend shopping both before and after as it's perfectly located in Elizabeth Street Mall. Find info here! 

Finally a breakfast at Pollen Tea Room - I'm English and tea is a way of life for me, it runs in my veins and Pollen has some of the best in town.
Also i've heard they have the best baked eggs in town too. I opted for the avo topped ones
And my girl dates L & S went for the feta and pesto topping, both served with sourdough.
They were yum and the avo was perfect so was the toast but if I'm honest they are just eggs. For me the brilliance of Pollen lies with the tea along with their other mantras, Pollen uses organic produce as well as offering heaps of GF and DF options, along with raw treats and fresh juices. The business takes on the difficult prospect of balance in this crazy life and it does it with such grace. We left Pollen feeling happy, content and inspired which is a really nice feeling as oposed to my usual 'full'. 
I would definitely head back for tea and raw brownies in this quirky, cute tea rooms in the future. 
Head here for some more information about Pollen Tea Room!
Plus I read that they are featured in Frankie Magazine this issue, has anyone read it?

Have you been to any of these places before? What did you think? Would love to know your opinions! 

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