Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Sunny Day in Sorell & Brunch at Betsey.

Hello all! My first post for a while, gave myself a wee break but I'm back now and I've got a super idea for these summer days for you.

Last week I went to Sorell Fruit Farm and loved it!

It's pretty simple stuff, pay for a container (prices range from $3 for little ones up to $13.50 for an adult) and then head off into the fruit fields and fill your container with whatever takes your fancy. 
Strawberries, cherries, apricots and nectarines are all super good right now.
I'm a strawberry kinda gal, they remind me summer days in the countryside.
It's perfect for children (of all ages) as it's a bit like a treasure hunt! I would suggest that if you're taking little ones to maybe take them some gardening gloves as some of the fruits are in hard to reach places with some sharp stalks.
Also, if you're going on a sunny day wear heaps of sunscreen because there is pretty much no shade out there.
For me it's everything a summers day out should be. Exploring the grounds, picking delicious fresh fruit and competing to see who can find the biggest strawberry!
AND you get a berry delicious dessert when you get home! You might even have leftover fruit and be able to make some icy poles for these warm days. (I've used this recipe in the past and they were delicious!)
Find more info here!  

Next up a eatery I've been really keen to try, Betsey. 
The building is small and consists of just one long table in a long, clean room. They definitely make the most of the space but if you're not accustom to sharing your elbow space, maybe give this one a miss.
The diners sit at one side of the table as the staff go about their duties busily on the other. I liked that, it made me feel like a part of the process I suppose.

The menu is small actually a little too small for my liking but I guess with such a small space something has to be compromised. Having said this I quickly chose something I liked the sound of.

Roast beef brisket bun, sauerkraut, grain mustard aioli. 
It was really delicious. Perfectly cooked and balanced, the sharp sauerkraut went really beautifully with the warm meat and soft bun which was perfect, not too sweet. 
Highly recommended. 
On Argyle Street it's perfectly located and is great if your looking for somewhere to pop into on a lunch break or for a quick brunch catch up. 
It is only open Monday-Friday so if you don't work in the city getting here is a little challenging but I do suggest it if only to experience the revolution of dining that is taking place in Hobart right now. At first I'd thought that our city was being influenced by Melbourne and the bigger foodie capitals but I reckon that what is being created is a new Hobart for us all to enjoy. 

I can't wait to share some new spots that I love with you all this year!! Speaking of such, has anyone had a gander into Brooke St Pier yet?

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